May 19, 2024

SMART Rider Courses Power On

April 24, 2017 Steve McDowall 0

The SMART Rider courses resumed last weekend with a total of 29 people participating in the program over the 2 days. The planned road route has had to be changed because of the devastation caused by ex-tropical cyclone […]

What Price Would You Put On Your Body?

January 7, 2017 Steve McDowall 0

A video posted through the Facebook page of Chinese website Moto7 graphically shows the cost of not wearing appropriate gear when riding. It’s often a controversial topic with riders, many of whom either aren’t aware of the risks or […]

Why Wear A Full Face Helmet?

December 8, 2016 Steve McDowall 1

Have you ever wondered why most safety aware people recommend full face helmets? This graphic representation of helmet impact zones (above) provided by Icon a couple of years ago has resurfaced as a reminder. Back […]