May 18, 2021

Labelling Issue Causes Recall For braaap Motorcycles

braaap moto3
Australian motorcycle company braaap has had to recall bikes for a minor labelling issue.

Sometimes it’s just the simple things that catch you out.

Australian motorcycle manufacturer braaap has been hit with several recalls, all of which are related to labelling not mechanical issues.

The family business is based in Launceston and has been operating for over 10 years.

The company currently has a range of 15 machines engineered in Australia and built in China, and is the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on its bikes.

braaap has been making significant headway into the tough motorcycle market, and the recalls are simply unfortunate.

The URBAN, Moto 3 and SS125 (Street Superlite) road bikes are all being recalled because they lack a stationary noise test information sticker which is required by ADR83. Owners are being asked to return to the place of purchase to have this sticker attached.

The ST-250 requires the noise test information sticker, but the recall notice also says that fuel tap, rear master cylinder cap and tail light assembly have been incorrectly stamped for identification purposes.

Owners of an ST-250 can contact the dealership they bought the bike from to organise the replacement of those parts.

Owners wanting to check if their bike needs attention can find a list of VIN numbers for the ST-250, URBAN, Moto 3 and SS125 on the ACCC website.

We will have more news from braaap in the coming weeks.