June 26, 2022

7 Things Every Motorcycle Rider Should Do

Try these 7 tips to make you a safer rider.

Be safer on your bike by following these simple steps.

We don’t need to tell you that riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than travelling in a car.

Aside from not having the stability of four wheels, or the mass of a larger vehicle, or the many safety features built into modern cars, the big vulnerability that motorcyclists have to contend with is that should something go wrong they may end up on the road.

And that puts them in a very vulnerable and risky situation.

So, perhaps more than any other road users, motorcyclists need to take the time and effort, and perhaps spend the money too, to give themselves the best chance of a good outcome should a great ride turn nasty.

Insurance companies have looked at their motorcycle crash data and found that perhaps not surprisingly, most motorcycle accidents happen on a weekend.

And when they do happen, chances are they are also more serious than mid-week crashes.

So, don’t get complacent just because it’s the weekend and you might be out for fun, rather than a commute.

Here’s how they recommend you prepare to stay safe on the roads:

  • Always wear an approved Australian standards helmet
  • Wear appropriate tear resistant clothing including long pants and jacket – Dress for the slide NOT for the Ride
  • Wear safety equipment covering eyes, feet and hands when riding
  • Dress to make yourself more visible – Let others know where you are
  • Ensure your pillion passenger is wearing the right safety gear
  • Always ride to the conditions
  • Take a refresher training course every couple of years to ensure your skills are up to date.

Sounds like common sense to us, but with many motorcyclists spotted riding around in t-shirts and shorts, we wonder if the message ever really will get through.

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