July 24, 2024

Free 2 hour Motorcycle Safety Seminar

You’re invited to our Free 2-hour motorcycle safety seminar.

Did you know that a large number of motorcycle incidents and close calls can be avoided?

Do you want to increase your riding confidence and enjoyment while developing your sixth sense to stay safe?

Join Steve McDowall of Motorcycle Life is a senior trainer, mentor and co-creator of the SMART Rider Roadcraft Training program for this Free 2-hour seminar to learn about:

  • essential roadcraft skills
  • reaction time and braking
  • better cornering lines
  • lane positioning
  • the correct way to lane filter
  • basic motorcycle maintenance
  • ask questions

We’re passionate about sharing strategies with you that can help you identify and eliminate risks on the road, help you to stay safe and enjoy your riding more.

Our next seminars are: 

    • Tuesday 9th July – 7pm at the Carrara Community Centre, Neilsens Rd, Carrara QLD 4211
    • Saturday 13th July – 10am at the Chillingham Community Centre, 1469 Numinbah Road, Chillingham NSW 2484

Simply give us a call on 1300 961 335 to let us know you’re coming along.