May 21, 2024

Motorcycle Life Radio 009

The guys are back

The fuel tank’s full, the engine’s warmed up and the guys are back with another fully loaded episode of Motorcycle Life Radio.

Steve updates us on the aftermath of the Queensland motorcycle licence law changes. What do they mean for riders currently in the licensing process?

And now that the mayhem is over, it’s time to roll out some new and exciting things for Motorcycle Life. Steve has all the details.

Maria VamvouklisIt seems Maria Vamvouklis took Christophe’s advice to heart last week. Maria is currently resting up in a nice warm and dry hotel room in Perth before her return to Sydney on her charity ride for R U OK?

We get an update from Maria on the second part of her trip to Perth, the challenges she faced including flooded roads, and some great advice from a relative newcomer to long distance adventure riding.

And Christophe finally lets us know what his secret mission has been over the last few weeks, fills us in on one of the most exciting things that has happened in the history of Dream Racer and drops a bombshell with an announcement of his future plans!!!

And there’s news about how you can become part of the Motorcycle Life team by sending us your stories.

If you’d like to connect with Maria, her Facebook page is Lipstick Motorbikes, and to donate to R U OK? go to

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  1. Afternoon Steve, Just wanted to say what a great show again with Christophe. Maria is an inspirational lady doing something for a good cause. Just want to wish her well for her return journey after taking option 1 for a few days. I will be sending a question through for you and Christope to answer, following on Maria’s adventures what do you pack on your bike for e.g. a day ride “v” a trip away.. Any advice would be great thanks.

  2. Just wanted clarification on Steve’s comment about the new licencing laws specifically for anyone who is part way through their licensing. The comment was that they would have to start back from square one. This is in direct contrast with what the department of transport are advising. So someone who has their RE licence only has to wait 1yr before they can take the test for their R class.

    • Hi Niki, thanks for checking in on this one. To clarify – if you already have an RE class licence and you obtained it BEFORE the 1st October 2016 you are correct in that you only have to wait 1 year before going to a R class licence. The course you have to do is shorter than the previous one and is more focussed on a road ride rather than exercises in a training area. If you obtain your RE class licence AFTER the 1st October 2016 you must wait 2 years before being eligible for an R class licence. Where you have to go back to square one is if you are part way through going from a learners permit to an RE class licence. This could be someone who has attempted an assessment but was found not yet competent. Let’s say a person got through everything except the old figure 8 exercise. In the past we’d just have to reassess the figure 8, but now you would have to go through the entire RE class course again. Also someone who has done some training but not yet done an assessment would now have to go through the new RE class assessment course. I hope that helps, and if you need me to explain more just let me know.

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