May 19, 2024

First Aid For Riders With Suzie Howell From Pulsestart

First aiders at motorcycle crash scene
Suzie Howell from Pulsestart talks to Steve and Christophe about why riders need first aid training.

Have you ever come across a rider injured in a motorcycle crash and wondered what to do? It’s even harder when it’s a friend or a loved one. What first aid skills do you need?

And do you remove the rider’s helmet?

In this week’s show, Steve and Christophe talk to Suzie Howell from Pulsestart, a registered training organisation that specialises in tailored courses in First Aid, CPR, Fitness, Hospitality and Fire & Rescue.

first-aid-trainingSuzie has plenty of experience as a first responder, has found herself in many life saving situations and she’s a very keen rider as well!!

She has some great advice on how to learn what you need to know, and answers the important question about removing the helmet from a rider after a crash.

Also this week the guys answer a question from Tracey who wants to know what’s the best bike for a first bike.

And Christophe brings us up to date with the latest happenings from Dream Racer, and there’s some good news for people looking to buy a Honda Africa Twin.

pulsestart-logoIf you’d like to know more about the courses Pulsestart offers, check out the website at or contact Suzie on 0416 888 343.


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  1. A strong point is made and cannot be emphasized enough where everyone riding should have completed a first aid course and carry some sort of first aid kit. Unfortunately you, as the first there, may be the persons only help for a length of time before the Ambulance arrives. Do yourselves a favour as it may save someones life.

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