April 24, 2024

Build a custom BMW motorcycle with BikeBiz

BikeBiz gives you the chance to have a custom-built BMW motorcycle.

It’s one thing to enjoy the freedom and fun of a motorcycle, it’s a completely other thing to have a bike that is completely unique and a reflection of your personality.

But that is exactly what is being offered by the motorcycle retailer – BikeBiz.

BikeBiz is providing customers the opportunity to design and build their own customised BMW motorcycle and we reckon that would make a great Christmas for someone who loves bikes and loves to be an individual.

Founder of BikeBiz, Mark Condon, has told Behind the Wheel that when it comes to BMW motorcycle customisation, about the only limitation is the customer’s imagination.

“Our team really know their bikes, so depending on the customer we can just give some direction on design and performance, supply a BMW and parts and let them build it themselves, or we can really get hands-on and custom-build the whole bike from scratch,”

“The boys love a good challenge and they are very focused on build quality and precision – that sort of care can take time – so if you want something to make the most of the summer months I’d be getting in touch soon.”

For customer enquiries on a BMW Custom build contact Scott Stewart on (02)9682 2911 or email scotts@bikebiz.com.au

Steve McDowall