May 21, 2024

Dakar 2018: Scott Britnell – Marathon Stage By Name and Nature

Scott Britnell
Scott Britnell has endured a marathon ride in Stage 7.

Stage 7 of the 2018 Dakar was always set to be a marathon stage, and for Scott Britnell it turned into exactly that.

By definition, a marathon stage in the Dakar is one where competitors have to personally carry out any necessary repairs at the bivouac, something that Scott is doing every day anyway.

But the 425 km long special – the longest so far this year – and the rain that made the tracks even more demanding has turned Scott’s day into his own gruelling marathon. And remember that on top of the special was a 302km liaison as well!

Scott completed the stage in 90th position with a recorded time of 9 hours 23 minutes – an epic effort in anyone’s view.

He still holds down 77th position overall as well!

At the end of such a long time on the bike, Scott then needs to do everything to get himself ready for the next day’s riding.

That’s the nature of the Dakar when you are the rider, mechanic, strategist, you have to deal with race administration, feed yourself, set up and pack up camp … and try to get some sleep!

Christophe Barriere-Varju knows all about doing the Dakar in this way, and the nine time award-winning film Dream Racer shows just how tough it is.

The film tracks Christophe through the 2010 Dakar, showing the challenges in their purest form – from the original dream to enter, the preparation, getting to the start line, to finally crossing the finish line. Dream Racer is a film about human potential, and having the courage to follow your dreams.

Scott is living his dream right now.

His determination, courage and tenacity is to be admired regardless of where he is placed in the field – because the average person would never even contemplate taking on such a challenge.

We will continue to bring you updates on Scott’s progress in the 2018 Dakar, and you can support him through his Facebook page and his GoFundMe page.