July 24, 2024

Details Of 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport Released

The new Triumph Tiger Sport.

Triumph has released information on the 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport ahead of its official unveiling at the London Motorcycle Show later today.

The bike has been heavily updated with over 100 changes to the 1050cc triple cylinder engine, the inclusion of a suite of rider focused technology and enhanced comfort and capability.

The engine updates are designed to optimise power delivery and increase torque, improve fuel consumption and to meet the strict Euro 4 emissions regulations that come into force next year.

The updated engine also has a new Engine Control Unit (ECU) which has allowed the introduction of ride-by-wire throttle control on the Tiger Sport.

The exhaust is now more free flowing which has not only given it a richer sound but has contributed to the improvement in fuel economy.

With the new ECU also comes a whole suite of electronic technology.

The bike now has 3 selectable power modes, multi-level traction control, cruise control and ABS all as standard equipment.

The 3 power modes are Rain, Road and Sport. As we have come to expect, they allow the rider to alter the engine’s throttle response and traction control settings to suit the riding conditions.

The 2016 Tiger Sport has been given a new instrument panel with two trip computers and fuel gauge.

Riders will be pleased to know that navigating through the many display screens is simple and mostly intuitive.

The bike now has a slip assist clutch as well, which Triumph says eases the strain of both city commutes and long-distance adventure by reducing the effort required for each operation.

The Tiger Sport has been restyled and will be available in two colour schemes – subtle matt black with neon yellow detailing or striking aluminium silver with red details.

It has redesigned and grippier footpegs, a tinted and adjustable screen, new mirrors and hand guards as standard features.

The 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport is expected in Australia in the middle of the year and Triumph Australia has announced the recommended price will be $17,150 plus on road costs.