July 24, 2024

Deus Ex Machina Produces Two Custom Kawasaki Z900RS

Kawasaki has made its long-awaited entry into the retro category.

To celebrate Kawasaki’s entry into the retro category with the all-new Z900RS, the company has collaborated with Deus Ex Machina to produce two custom builds.

The Australian unveiling of the new Z900RS (RS = Retro Sports) and Z900RS Café was held at the acclaimed Deus Ex Machina House of Simple Pleasures flagship store in Sydney.

It was also an opportune moment to unveil the two Z900RS project bikes – named Stone Tracker and The Goose – Deus had been working on.

The Z900RS was conceived as an homage to the legendary Z1 of the early 1970’s.

The four cylinder, four stroke 903cc Z1 was rated at over 80ps, making it one of the largest capacity and highest power, mass production machines available in that era.

The all-new Kawasaki Z900RS is an evolution of the original Z1.

Like the original Z1, the Z900RS features a 900cc-class (948cc) in-line four – an engine configuration that inherently offers a great balance of power and manageability.

It is also the first Kawasaki model where the company has conducted sound research to craft a model’s ideal exhaust note. The sound tuning focused on the engine’s initial roar to life, idling and low-speed riding where the rider is best able to enjoy the exhaust’s deep rumble.

Any visual similarities, technical or engineering references to the Z1 have been moulded in light of the demands of today’s rider expectations and today’s riding environment.

The Z900RS lends its self to personalisation and the custom motorcycle culture, which is where Deus ex Machina fits in perfectly.

Jeremy Tagand, Deus Motorcycle Design Director at Deus The House of Simple Pleasures in Sydney, was the mastermind behind both of the Z900RS custom build projects.

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