May 21, 2024

ECE22.05 Helmets Now Legal In All Australian States

Two European ECE 22.05 standard helmets
European standard helmets are now approved for use in all Australian states.

Finally, the laws relating to the use of European standard helmets are consistent across Australia.

Western Australia was the last state to fall into line this week, having gazetted the change to the Road Traffic Act allowing the use of ECE22.05 standard helmets in that state.

The change has also been reflected on the Road Safety Commission’s Motorcyclists & Scooter Riders information page.

This brings an end to the inconsistencies that have been present throughout Australia since Queensland legalised the use of European helmets in February 2015.

Other states slowly followed Queensland’s lead, but some states were waiting for the Commonwealth consumer protection laws that prevented these helmets from being sold in Australia to change first.

That legislation was changed last November, finally allowing the legal sale of ECE22.05 helmets in Australia.

This final change in WA opens the door for importers to begin bringing many new brands and designs into the country.

Manufacturers and importers will now be able to bring models in directly from Europe without having to go through the Australian testing and approval process.

This will make importing simpler and hopefully more cost effective.

For motorcyclists the obvious benefits are in three areas – a wider range of helmets available to us, hopefully at cheaper prices and an end to the massive confusion that has surrounded helmets for well over twelve months.