May 19, 2024

FCAI Calls On Road Users To Work Together To Keep Motorcyclists Safe

A crashed motorcycle laying on the road.
The FCAI has called on all road users to work together to keep motorcyclists safe.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has called on all road users to work together to help ensure the safety of motorcyclists.

It has been a horror start to the year with motorcycle fatalities already higher than last year.

In Victoria alone, 19 motorcyclists have lost their lives.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said “this is unprecedented on Victoria’s roads and must be addressed.”

“It is recognised that motorcyclists are a vulnerable road user group, but this does not need to translate into such a tragic outcome.”

Mr Weber says that sharing the road, wearing protective clothing and being trained are some of the key practices that will help keep motorcyclists safe on our roads.

He went on to say that all road users need to be responsible on the road, and that includes being aware of your surroundings and checking blind spots for motorcycles when driving light or heavy vehicles.

It’s a view backed up by many reputable motorcycle trainers and road safety advocates.

Protective clothing and helmets serve an important role in protecting a rider in a crash.

Keeping riding skills up through ongoing training, especially those returning to riding after a break, is also very important.

So called “returning riders” are one of the highest risk groups on our roads.

They have typically come back to riding after a break to focus on the marriage, mortgage and children commitments.

But during the break from riding motorcycles will have changed, so have the road and traffic conditions, and the skill level of the rider has normally declined as well.

“All road users need to take responsibility and look after the safety of themselves and others on the road”, said Mr Weber.

“Motorcyclists, in particular, should understand that as a vulnerable road user they must be extra vigilant – plan your path through traffic and keep yourself well protected.”

“We’re asking all road users to watch out for each other and, in particular, watch out for motorcycles. Together, we can make our roads safer.”