July 24, 2024

Find Inner Peace On A Motorcycle – John Metzger

Meditation by Motorcycle - Cover
Author John Metzger's latest book is certainly an unusual subject! Maybe he's right.

Find inner peace on a motorcycle ….

This advice is what many rider’s have probably known for years – you can find Nirvana on a the back of a bike.

Rider and author, John Metzger has written a book: “Meditation by Motorcycle – Ride Your Carbon Footprint to the Apex of Enlightenment” in which he shares the spiritual lessons he learned over his lifetime of riding.

Told with a dash of humour and irony, the self-help book gives insight into how to achieve enlightenment and to find those moments of Nirvana in our busy lives.

Metzger says he always wanted to be meditative but found brute horsepower more attractive instead of peace and tranquillity.

“We respect the ancient wisdom, but instead seek mindfulness and presence through the cosmic forces of internal combustion, adrenalin and an expanded carbon footprint.”

“The motorcycle enables the perfect relationship between rhythmic movement and internal stillness, drawing out the physical life force like no other.”

We’re not quite sure what he means, but we can all agree the best place to be is on a motorcycle and on the open road.