April 24, 2024

Guy Martin Celebrates World Record With A Cup Of Tea

After breaking the world record on the Wall of Death live on TV, Guy Martin relaxed backstage with his dog, his girlfriend Sharon and celebrated with a cup of tea.

That’s the way this man is – down to earth, no fuss, no non-sense.

But Guy’s record attempt could have gone terribly wrong, even though he played it down.

He circulated around the wall at 78.150mph (125.7 km/h) on a BSA engined bike built from bits and pieces in his own workshop.

His body was subjected to forces of over 6.5G, and he was almost blacking out after a couple of laps on each run.

“It is all to do with timing, when you get on the throttle because you can only stand that G force for so long”, Guy said after the event.

Guy set himself the target of officially breaking the 80km/h barrier. He reached that speed in a practice run in the morning.

During first official run he recorded a speed of 71mph, his second scored him the official record.

Guy was meant to only do 2 runs, but decided to try one more time and couldn’t do any better.

Still, he has been credited with a world record.

And after all he’d achieved, he was back the next morning at work fixing a Scania truck with a headlight problem.