June 24, 2024

Harley-Davidson Appoint New Managing Director

Paul Skarie, Managing Director of Harley Davidson® Australia & New Zealand.

Harley-Davidson Australian and New Zealand have appointed a new managing director in Paul Skarie.

This was an internal promotion with Mr Skarie being with the company since 2007, gaining vast experience in several positions in the USA.

These include Director of Regional Sales, Director of Dealer Developments, Director of Retail Development, Director of Integrated Consumer Experiences and Director of Parts and Technical Service.

He replaces Nigel Keough as MD at Harley-Davidson.

Vice President and Managing Director of International Markets Marc McAllister says Paul brings a wealth of global experience to the table.

“This represents a great opportunity for Paul to bring his deep experience in U.S. field sales leadership, dealer development and service to Australia and New Zealand”, Mr Skarie says the brand is built on freedom which matches Australia’s vast space and incredible riding roads.

“I couldn’t think of better place to bring new product to market and help build the brand for the future.”