June 24, 2024

Honda’s Surprise Direction With CB Concept Type II

Honda CB Concept Type II
The Honda Concept CB Type II is a near production ready retro bike closer in styling to a cafe racer.

Honda has shown off it’s CB Concept Type II for the first time at last weekend’s Osaka Motorcycle Show.

The Osaka show is not a major event, but Honda chose this show to give the world a glimpse of its direction with the CB1100.

In a press release before the show, Honda announced the CB Concepts showed “a new direction in air-cooled CB models.”

It was widely thought (and hoped) the Type II may be a revamped version of the CB1100R concept we first saw several years ago.

The single seat CB1100R concept suffered from heating issues in its air cooled engine because of the restricted air flow behind the fairing.

Reports were circulating that the issues were being resolved by Honda’s engineers.

But the CB Concept Type II is in fact a near production ready retro bike closer in styling to a cafe racer.

It does show how the somewhat sedate CB1100 can be turned into a much tougher looking bike and given a boost with some performance parts, but it’s left many of us disappointed.

The CB Concept Type II runs 17-inch cast alloy wheels, upside down Showa forks, radial mount Brembo brakes, and Ohlins twin shocks on the rear.

The styling sets this bike apart from anything else in the Honda range, and even from the original CB concept we saw last November.

The retro styling goes as far as the Pirelli Phantom tyres that were popular in the 80’s.

In fact the Type II suggests that Honda is going to market two variants of a new CB1100 – one to appeal to the retro market and one to target those buyers wanting a more traditional look.

That would put the Type II up against the BMW R nineT, and the Triumph Thruxton.

There’s now plenty of speculation that these two bikes are very close to production, and that the CB Concept Type II is already being track tested.

The current CB1100 was originally launched in 2009 but is only available in a few markets outside of Japan, and by expanding the range it would be fair to assume that the bike will be sold into more countries and hopefully Australia.