July 24, 2024

MV Agusta Beams Limited Edition F3-800 Into Australia

MV Agusta has confirmed the stunning looking F3 800 Solar Beam will be available in Australia in limited numbers.

MV Agusta Australia & New Zealand has confirmed the stunning looking F3 800 Solar Beam is being released in Australia in July.

The limited edition machine has the same colour scheme as the Mercedes-AMG GT.

The bike was first displayed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, and it created enough interest for MV Agusta to build a limited number of the bikes.

Mechanically, the MV Agusta F3 Solar Beam has the same specification as the standard F3 800, but it has been fitted with some unique accessories.

It comes with Ergal clutch and brake levers that have an anti-break joint, Ergal foot pegs, racing fuel filler cap and of course the unique Solar Beam colour scheme.

Australian pricing has been confirmed at $26,990 ride-away, and that includes a two year unlimited kilometre warranty and two years roadside assistance.

Pricing for New Zealand has been confirmed at $28,990 including GST, and a two year unlimited kilometre warranty.

The F3 has been described in some circles as the best sports bike MV Agusta has ever produced, and the unique colour scheme of this limited edition model is sure to make it popular with collectors and enthusiasts.

Recent talk of the company’s financial uncertainty is only going to add to that demand, with collectors wanting to grab a piece of history.

Only 40 of the bikes have been assigned to the region and orders are now being taken.

Anyone interested in buying an F3 Solar Beam is advised to let MV Agusta know through the contact form at mvagusta.com.au.