July 24, 2024

Product Recall: Non-compliant Brake Systems Put Children At Risk

Global Ringwood 49cc mini-bikes
49cc mini-bikes distributed by Global Ringwood have been recalled because of unsafe brakes.

Yet another 49cc mini bike has been recalled because of a braking system that does not meet Australian Standards.

The latest bikes affected have been distributed by Global Ringwood in Ingleburn, NSW.

The ACCC reports that the affected bikes have a front and rear cable operated braking system which requires manual adjustment.

Cable operated braking systems do not comply with Australian Standards – Competition & Consumer Act 2010 – Consumer Protection Notice No.24 of 2011.

Once the brake pads begin to wear on a cable operated system, manual adjustment is required at the brake calipers. Failure to make proper adjustments could then result in brake failure, potentially resulting in serious injury to the rider.

The main target market for these kinds of bikes are children, and many parents have bought similar machines unaware of the risks.

Many of these bikes are Chinese imports and typically their small size and price is what makes them very appealing, especially as special gifts.

With Christmas almost upon us, parents are being warned to check that any bike they plan on buying for their children meets all the required Australian safety standards.

Anyone who has purchased a Global Ringwood 49cc mini bike between the 1st June, 2015 and the 29th November, 2016 is urged to stop using the bike until a hydraulic braking system has been fitted.

For further details, contact Global Ringwood at 3/23 Stennett Road Ingleburn NSW 2565 or by phone on 0425 428 777.