July 24, 2024

On-Road Motorcycle Rider Training Program Returns To the Gold Coast

SMART Rider Program logo ML
The SMART Rider Program will help you to identify risks, give you strategies to avoid them and to make better decisions on the road.

There have been plenty of calls in recent times for an affordable road based rider training program to be re-introduced on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Rising crash rates and increased injuries and fatalities in the region have created concern among both authorities and rider groups.

As fatalities in the region reach numbers not seen in almost 10 years, the Australian Road Safety Foundation and Motorcycle Life have joined forces with the Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast to develop the SMART Rider Program.

The SMART Rider Program will help riders to identify risks, give them strategies to avoid those risks and to make better decisions on the road.

Whether you’ve been riding for a while, you’re just new or coming back to riding after a long break, the SMART Rider Program will help you to be a better rider.

The Program is a full day training course involving theory sessions, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, and a mentored road ride in the environment where riders spend most of their time – public roads.

The program begins in March and riders from the Gold Coast and surrounding areas can now register for the course at www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=23830.

One of the aims in developing the course was to keep it affordable, and the program has been funding has been provided by the Queensland Government Road Safety Grants.

That has allowed the course fees to be kept to just $95 per day.

For more information go to motorcyclelife.com.au/smartrider/ or call 1300 961 335.