April 24, 2024

SMART Rider Program Launches This Weekend On The Gold Coast

Steve McDowall and Mike Roberts
Steve McDowall (left) and Mike Roberts (right) are the 2 rider trainers launching the SMART Rider Program on the Gold Coast this weekend.

The SMART Rider motorcycle training program is being launched on the Gold Coast this weekend.

The course runs for a full day and is designed to help riders identify risks, give them strategies to avoid them, and to make better decisions on the road that will make their riding safer and far more enjoyable.

The training includes theory sessions, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, and a 160km mentored road ride.

There are still a few spots available for this weekend’s courses – check out the details and make your booking here.

But be QUICK before you miss out!

Motorcyclists are one of the highest risk groups of road users and are over-represented in road crash statistics, with around 22% of all road fatalities in Australia being riders or their passengers.

And for every fatality there are 15 hospitalisations, 10 medical treatments and 5 minor injuries reported.

However, on the Gold Coast the situation is even worse with 47% of the region’s fatalities in 2015 being motorcyclists, and the upward trend continuing throughout 2016.

Motorcycle Life is proud to be a major partner in bringing this initiative to the Gold Coast.

Our goal with this program is to help riders improve their on-road skills, and by doing that we can also play a part in helping to curb the increase in motorcycle road trauma and fatalities in the region.

“The numbers have been steadily increasing over recent years and crashes, injuries and fatalities for the Gold Coast region are well above the state and national averages.”

“Part of the reason is that the roads around the area, and in particular the hinterland, are very attractive to motorcyclists, but they are catching riders out and crashes are occurring far too often.”

“And unfortunately, many of those involved in crashes are older riders or those returning to riding after a long break.”

The SMART Rider Program has been developed jointly by the Australian Road Safety Foundation and Motorcycle Life, and is supported by funding from the Queensland Government’s Community Road Safety Grants Program.

The Queensland Government funding has allowed the course fee to be kept to $95 for the day, giving all riders access to quality training at an affordable rate.

The program also has the support of the City of Gold Coast Council.

We think SMART Rider answers the many calls in the media and from rider groups for the re-instatement of on-road road-craft training courses.

The SMART Rider Program is scheduled to run on the Gold Coast from March to June, and there is already interest in running the program in other regions.

For course information, dates and bookings head to motorcyclelife.com.au/smartrider



The Australian Road Safety Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving road safety awareness, enhancing driver education and reducing the impact of road trauma.

The Australian Road Safety Foundation has a number of activity channels including the Fatality Free Friday National Road Safety Campaign and the Australian National Road Safety Awards Program.