May 19, 2024

The Truth About The MV Agusta F4Z

MV Agusta F4Z
Details of the MV Agusta have been released and the bike is not destined for production. (Source: MCN)

It turns out the rumours of production were untrue – the MV Agusta F4Z is a one-off customisation built by Zagato for a young Japanese businessman.

Details of the bike have now been announced in a press release from MV Agusta.

The project has been an exercise in coach-building by Zagato and marketing by MV Agusta, and has created plenty of interest worldwide.

MV Agusta has been particularly successful in drawing attention to the company with two teaser videos and leaked images of the bike.

Despite the bike not being destined for production, there’s still speculation about MV Agusta and possible future collaborations with Zagato and whether there’s more to the story that we’ll here on the 4th September.

We now know the bike is based on an MV Agusta F4 RR, the most powerful and highest specification bike in the MV Agusta range.

MV’s press release states “The design team of the Zagato Atelier had to tackle the challenge of creating a bike that would interpret the lifestyle of the customer, a young Japanese businessman, with interests in the fashion and publishing sectors.”

“The starting point was the notion that a motorbike expresses its owner’s lifestyle a lot more than a car.”

“He didn’t want anything modern, fashionable, but something that could instead keep its value and appeal.”

MV Agusta F4Z
Source: MCN)