May 19, 2024

Two-Wheel Drive BMW Adventure Bike Shown

Wunderlich Showcases Two Wheel Drive System for BMW R 1200 GS.

Specialist BMW aftermarket accessories supplier Wunderlich has come up with a brilliant device to help get BMW R 1200 GS owners out of tight and difficult spots.

Called the X-2, the device is an electric hub motor that mounts neatly inside the ABS ring of the front wheel, effectively giving the bike two-wheel drive and a reverse gear.

That’s great for those riders who have ever had one of the heavy adventure bikes stuck in mud or any other tight spot, or simply want to back one up.

BMW Adventure Bike riders will soon be able to take advantage of a two-wheel drive system.

The electric motor is capable of about 20km/h in a forward direction and 3km/h in reverse, so it’s not designed to be effective at normal road speeds.

The system is powered by a small battery pack under the front fender and uses power generated under brakes to recharge itself.

A two-wheel drive system has advantages when riding in the dirt, especially as the front-wheel drive can help pull the motorcycle through a turn and add drive in slippery conditions.

A switch on the tank controls the amount and direction of the electric drive.

Although not yet released to the public, it would appear that Wunderlich are very close to that stage. It also appears that the system may in fact fit other BMW models as well.

We will keep you updated.

Steve McDowall