May 19, 2024

Volkswagen Troubles Could See Ducati Sold

Ducati Sale Possible in the Wake of the VW Emissions Crisis.

It seems that even the motorcycle industry could be caught up in the fallout from the Volkswagen emissions crisis.

As the automotive giant looks at all its options in the wake of the growing scandal, sources say that selling off parts of its global business to fund a solution are certainly on the cards.

And one of those options open to Volkswagen could include the sale of Ducati.

Reports say that the company took out a 20-billion-euro line of credit to help with finances, and that it would sell assets if it finds no other way of repaying the one-year loan.

The three brands immediately suggested for sale are car brands Bentley and Lamborghini, and motorcycle marque Ducati.

Ducati was purchased by the VW Group in 2012, and the company has invested a significant amount of money in the Italian bike manufacturer since.

As a result, Ducati is in an even better place financially than it was when it was purchased and estimates are that it could now worth around 1.4 billion Euro.

Whilst only likely to raise a small portion of the total funding required, the sale of Ducati could be an easy option for the VW Group.

Steve McDowall