April 24, 2024

Vozz Take Helmet Design To Next Level

Vozz Helmets has refined the design of its revolutionary helmet, and new shipments are expected in October.
Vozz Helmets has refined the design of its revolutionary helmet, and new shipments are expected in October.

Australian helmet manufacturer Vozz Helmets is revolutionising the helmet market, and has been gaining an increasingly strong following since its initial product launch earlier this year.

The innovative design of the helmet eliminates the chin strap, the mechanism we’ve used to hold a helmet on our head since day dot.

Vozz RS 1.0 (4)Instead, the helmet is what is called a “rear-access design” – it opens from the back, goes on over the head, closes around the head and locks in place.

An adjustable chin cup completes the system to ensure the helmet is secure on the wearer’s head.

The patented Voztec system allows the helmet to have a very narrow opening at the bottom of the helmet, much smaller than on a traditional pull on / pull off design.

That allows for a far more aerodynamic shape, a rounded chin bar that fits more closely and gives more protection under the jaw line, and less points that can get snagged in a crash.

Once in place, 98% of the impact absorbing EPS lining is in contact with the head.

It is far more secure and isn’t affected by the wind, which eliminates buffeting, lifting and movement when riding.

Vozz brought an initial shipment of helmets into the country earlier in the year, and based on further testing and customer feedback the company has made some refinements to the helmet design.

Vozz RS 1.0 (3)A small change in the design around the release locks has helped to reduce wind noise, and the liner is now made from a more luxurious fabric that doesn’t tend to catch on hair, especially men’s facial hair.

National Business Development Manager, Nathan James, says stocks of the updated model will arrive in the country in time for a full product launch in October.

The helmet will be be available through a network of dealers and online through the Vozz website.

The unique nature of the helmet requires that it be fitted and adjusted correctly, and Nathan said that every dealer will go through extensive product training prior to the launch.

Rather than stock the helmet through large accessories dealerships, he is expecting to appoint around 10 – 15 specialised dealers on the east coast of Australia by September, and to have the whole country covered by December.

He says that will ensure every customer receives the best possible service and user experience with the Vozz helmet.

Nathan has worked with Shoei, AGV and Dainese in Europe and is strongly focussed on rider safety, something that fits very well with the corporate culture at Vozz.

Vozz RS 1.0 (2)In our recent chat, he highlighted the many unique safety features of the Vozz helmet.

As well as the added safety that comes from having the head cradled so securely, removing the helmet from a crashed rider can be done without putting added pressure on the neck and risking further injuries.

Simply opening the helmet gives easy access to the rider for first responders, but if the helmet needs to be removed it can be done simply by removing two plastic lugs in the top of the helmet and undoing two screws.

That separates the front and back parts, but still allows the back to stay in place to support the head while a neck brace is put in place.

Nathan says the company also has plans to train paramedics in how to quickly and effectively remove the helmet.

The front of the helmet has a tri-composite construction, the rear is made from high impact ABS and it weighs approximately 1680g. It is certified to AS/NZS 1698, DOT and ECE22.05 helmet standards.

Stay tuned, because we will have a full review of the new model when it arrives in the country soon.

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