April 19, 2024

What If … You Could Achieve Anything You Wanted To?

Every now and then someone crosses your path and makes a huge impact on you.

That’s how it was when I first met Christophe Barriere-Varju.

It was at a dinner in September 2014 where he shared his story with a packed room. He had that crowd hanging on every word.

At the end of the night I hesitantly approached Christophe and introduced myself to him, wondering how someone who has achieved so much in life was going to deal with me.

That’s when I realised how humble and genuine this man is.

And now I get to work with this amazing man every week and call him a close friend.

Christophe is one of the most interesting and engaging people you will ever have the chance to meet.

He’s raced in the Dakar 4 times – the most challenging and dangerous motorsport event in the world – and the award winning film Dream Racer follows him through one of those rallies.

“It’s at the edge of who you are, that you learn who you can be”

But Christophe’s story is much more than just as a racer.

He was born in France, grew up in Africa, studied in the US and now calls Australia home.

In business he holds a triple MBA and is an advisor to large corporations and governments.

He’s had to deal with many problems and challenges along the way.

And the message he now wants to share with you is one of facing challenges and overcoming the hurdles we all face in life.

Whether you ride an adventure bike, a sports bike or a scooter (or nothing at all), you’ll find listening to Christophe Barriere-Varju is both entertaining and contains a serious side to it.

It will open up the door of possibilities so that people can permanently become better individuals, chase their dreams and goals, and extend their learning to others as well.

And now you can meet Christophe at the very first of our evening events in Brisbane on the 18th February.

Tell your friends and bring them along as well – it will be an awesome night.

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