July 24, 2024

What to Consider When Choosing an Adventure Motorcycle

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industry in Australia released a guide for the directions for the Motorcycle Industry 2017–2020. This guide shows how the number of motorcycle users in Australia has improved over the years with an estimated 4500 sports and recreation events each year conducted by Motorcycling Australia (MA).

Adventure motorcycles are gradually becoming popular, as the prices on new cars continue to increase and may not suit some people’s budget and preferences, which gives them the option of motorcycles. In addition to that, most riders believe they can get more benefits from adventure motorcycles such as its great riding performance, fitness, reliability, comfort, and more.

However, if you are considering getting one, there are certain things you should take a closer look at when choosing.

1. The Bike Engine Capacity

This is one of the most important things that differentiate a simple motorcycle from an adventure motorcycle and could also tell different types of adventure motorcycles apart. When choosing, opt for an engine capacity of over 250cc to help you get the best experience. With a small engine capacity, your experience will be limited, as it affects your speed and limits the path you can ride on. Although some people still opt for less than 250cc, if you are a professional rider, you may want to go for a bike with a much higher engine capacity.

2. The Bike Weight

The weight of the bike can determine how long you can ride before getting tired. If you are looking to ride for long hours, you will need a lightweight bike, which is often dependent on the engine capacity of the bike. The most important thing when deciding on the bike weight is to check the weight of the rider and how it aligns with the bike. Can you lift up your bike if it falls into a ditch? As you aim for a high engine capacity, you also want to ensure that you are able to handle the weight that comes with it. 

3. The Bike Seat Height

The seat height plays an important role in your bike experience; with a stable seat height that’s your size, you can easily mount on and off your bike quickly. It also helps you to manage the weight of the bike and you don’t have to take extra time to get on and keep it moving. If your bike has a tall seat height, you can adjust it by either lowering the suspension of the bike, modifying the seat it came with, or getting a new seat that is lower than the original factory seat.

4. Bike Comfort

Any bike rider would look forward to having a great and comfortable experience. This largely depends on the weight of the bike, seat height and positioning, handlebar positioning, and footpeg positioning. With all these in place to suit your body weight and size, you are likely to have a great bike riding experience.


While you look forward to your adventurous rides, ensure you are getting a motorcycle that is worth the ride and will help you have a great experience.