May 21, 2024

7 Things You Need To Pack For A Motorcycle Trip

Image by cloney from Pixabay

Many of you must have thought of going on beautiful motorcycle rides alongside pristine views with loved ones.

This beautiful dream is entirely achievable if you take some initial steps.

You can ride to the multiple shows and rallies organised everywhere across the world. Going on a long-distance trip on your motorcycle will be a memorable and adventurous journey that you must go on for once.

Get on your bike and get on the road to explore the pristine views of the countryside and the local historical sites. Fill the air with the engine roar and enjoy the beautiful hidden views hidden on the unexplored path of your country.

Just like a car trip requires essential accessories like a Nissan xtrail roof rack, jump starter, etc. you might require essentials for a comfortable motorcycle trip.

1.  Off-Road GPS

While going on a road trip, planning routes, pit stops, and destinations are very important for a safe and comfortable journey. In this situation, GPS plays a vital role in easy navigation and planning. Ordinary GPS works on connecting with the internet or Bluetooth or other devices. But on off-road trips, there is a considerable problem of connectivity. This is where off-road GPS comes in handy. They come with more than 100,000 preloaded maps and have high power receivers that can work in the most remote locations.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

2.  Hammock

You may need to set up camp while on the road trip. Hammocks can be a perfect accessory as they are easy to set and provide the much-required rest. With that, they keep you above the ground and save you from the dangerous creatures roaming on the ground. They are made of synthetic materials like nylon and can bear a lot of weight without tearing apart or breaking. And, they are very lightweight, so it won’t be a problem to carry them around. Some of the modern hammocks are equipped with a mosquito net to give you a pleasant sleep in the open.

Image by spencer Ford from Pixabay

3.  Flat Repair Kit

Modern bikes use tubeless tires that are very durable and can last for thousands of kilometers, but still, they are vulnerable to punctures and cuts. This flat tire scenario can become a big hurdle in your trip. A flat repair kit can be handy and can bring you back on the road in no time. This affordable DIY kit can help you mend your flat tire on the spot. This compatible kit is easy to carry and contains spare parts to make your work easy.

4.  Motorcycle Toolkit

In the current times, motorbikes come with a meager or nonexistent toolkit. Though bikes don’t require too much repair often, it is advised to carry a motorcycle toolkit whenever you go on a long motorcycle trip. It is not possible to make extensive repairs on the road, but with tools in your bag, you can easily make small repairs while on the road to make your trip comfortable. A good kit should contain all the essential accessories like a spare fuse, light bulbs, battery cables, electrical tape, zip ties, etc.

5.  Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

To ensure the safety of everyone, including yours on the road, you must never use a mobile while driving your motorbike. But you cannot ignore your phone all the time. Sometimes it is essential to take phone calls or to check for directions. For this type of scenario, a Bluetooth helmet communicator is a perfect accessory. You can attend a call while driving without using your hands. You can connect your mobile with your Bluetooth device and chat with your fellow riders or essential people and hear GPS navigation commands through helmet speakers. This accessory is very durable and can connect to multiple devices at a time.

6.  LED Lantern

You may also need to set up a camp while on a motorbike trip. It could be horrifying in the dark, so in such situations, an LED lantern will be ideal and handy. You only need to switch on the light and enjoy the night environment with your travel buddies. This lantern provides an excellent range to see. Furthermore, it emits a powerful light. With that, this is very durable, rechargeable, and consumes very little power to get fully charged. The LED lantern can also work for a very long working period.

7.  Helmet-Mounted Video Camera

While on a motorcycle trip, you must click pictures or create vlogs to preserve the memories of the place. But while riding, you can’t ask someone to click your images. At that time, a Helmet-Mounted Video Camera can come in handy. Just place the camera on the helmet and get a whole vlog of the views while traveling. This is a lightweight camera, which is easy to manage and is capable of clicking high definition videos and images.


These are some of the essential accessories you must have in your bag before going on a long motorcycle trip. With some planning and precautions, you will have an adventurous and memorable trip, which you will never forget. All you need to do is invest some time in self-care and enjoy the journey. Focus on adventure and fun in the journey rather than focusing on the road.

Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer and guest blogger. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the travel industry. Rebecca believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life and wants to spread her belief across the world.