May 19, 2024

Pros and Cons Of Buying an Adventure Motorcycle

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The world of motorcycles has a bike for every personality and taste.

For example, if you have an affinity for cafe racers, you can choose a Thruxton or an RNineT Racer. If you are a fan of cruisers, you can choose a Harley Fatbob or something on the same lines. And if you are a rider who loves adventure, a Triumph Tiger or Suzuki V-Storm.

However, all these machines have their respective pros and cons. And in this post, we are talking about the pros and cons of buying an adventure motorcycle.

So, if you are planning a new motorbike, make sure you go through both the lists.

Benefits Of Buying an Adventure Motorcycle

1. Great Performance

Adventure bikes of this age are popular for their seamless performance. Whether you pick Triumph Tiger 1200 or BMW GS 310, for their respective cubic capacities, they do pretty well, both on and off the road.

This also becomes possible due to the unbeatable traction that their 21”/18” or 19”/17” wheel combinations offer. These allow riders to ride over obstacles, potholes and everything else comfortably.

2. Unmatchable Comfort

As every adventure bike is built to allow the riders to ride over even the toughest and most upset roads, they need to provide superior comfort. And so, they do.

From the rider’s safety to a comfortable seating posture, traction control, ABS, and most other pieces of technology, the modern ADVs come equipped with all of it.

The seats are designed in a way that both the handling and pillion rider can experience the utmost comfort. As a result, riding fatigue among ADV riders is not that intense or long-lived.

3. Reliability

Another great benefit of buying an adventure motorcycle is that most of these bikes are reliable.

This is true for two reasons. First, most of these are built by some of the best automobile manufacturers of the world. Second, they are easier to maintain, so you can quickly train yourself on how to keep regular maintenance checks.

Also, it’s easy to customise these bikes as the engine isn’t covered up by too much faring. So, whether you are planning to install a Yoshimura exhaust or any other performance-enhancing system, the process will be easier for you.

Why Riders May Not Buy an Adventure Motorcycle!

Although, adventure bikes are great companions even for the riders who wish to ride across the entire globe, for the following reasons some people shy away from getting them home.

1. Aesthetics

While the designs of adventure bikes are optimized for best control, traction, comfort and performance, at times it fails to attract many riders.

This doesn’t mean that the bikes aren’t great. In most cases, this is about the personal choices.

2. Heavier Weight

Most adventure bikes in 2020 come with all the latest paraphernalia and techno that a rider can think of.

However, many of them weigh a little more than sports bikes lying in the same performance category. Not a major deciding factor, but it can influence buying decisions.

3. High Frame

Even though ADVs offer unmatchable comfort to all riders, for riders who are short, it may become a mild challenge to ride these bikes without certain disturbance.

Yes, modern adventure bikes have a taller frame when compared to cruisers.

Although this problem can be fixed to an extent by installing tires with a smaller diameter and adjusting suspensions, the idea will cost a few more hundred or thousand dollars.

Final words

The idea of buying a new motorcycle can get any of us excited. However, the decision must be well-planned and thought through. In this post, we talked about the top advantages of buying an adventure motorbike, along with three reasons why some riders play a pass on it.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful. That said, it’s important to note that, regardless of the bike that you pick, ensure that you buy qualified safety gear from a certified shop.

Always keep your safety first.