May 21, 2024

Affordable Road Side Assistance From The National Motorcycle Alliance

National Motorcycle Alliance Roadside Service
The National Motorcycle Alliance offers the most affordable roadside assistance right across Australia.

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a broken down motorcycle? Flat tyre? The National Motorcycle Alliance is here to help you.

The Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation set up to provide services to the motorcycling community, and has now been operating for over 5 years.

One of the key services offered is a 24 hour roadside assistance programme.

Whilst the Alliance has always operated nationally anyway, it originally started out as the NSW Motorcycle Alliance.

With the recent launch of their new website, complete with the new name and branding the Alliance is now truly seen as a national organisation.

National Motorcycle Alliance LogoDave Cooke, General Manager of the Alliance, explained to us that “changing the name to the National Motorcycle Alliance was inevitable really”.

“Many people assumed we only operated in NSW, but we’ve worked nationally since day one. We are just based in NSW, which is why it was in the name originally.”

“Our 24 hour roadside assistance programme operates nationally, and having NSW in our name just caused confusion.”

Dave says it’s Australia’s biggest dedicated Motorcycle Roadside Assistance programme and covers members for any type of mechanical issue.

Listen to our interview with Dave Cooke from the National Motorcycle Alliance in our recent Motorcycle Life Radio podcast.

“Most of our callouts are for flat tyres, and then there’s the usual issues with batteries, charging systems, or riders running out of fuel.”

“Last year we picked up or fixed bikes for over 900 stranded motorcyclists all over Australia, and this year we are on track to attend well over 1,000 breakdowns. That’s a lot of people getting out of trouble, all for what is really a very small cost to be a member.”

The National Motorcycle Alliance provides motorcycle memberships for just $45 per year, and that membership includes your first two callouts free every year and up to 50km of free towing.

They can even cover your car as well, for much less than the other roadside assist providers.

The Alliance also provides extremely cheap insurance for social clubs and ride groups for their events, and also does a huge amount of work in working with governments, advocating for better rules and systems for the future of motorcycling.

The Alliance also does video reviews of motorcycles that you will see us share here on Motorcycle Life.

For more details on the Alliance, or to become a member, head to or call them on 1300 937 433.