May 19, 2024

Funding For Men’s Mental Health Program Increases

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has increased its funding to men's mental health programs.

Australian based charity event, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, is doubling its commitment to the funding of men’s mental health programs.

Head of the globally renowned organisation, Sydney-sider Mark Hawwa, made the decision after a volunteer event host took his own life.

In Australia, men’s suicide rates are three times higher than that of women – as a result, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is on a mission to raise global awareness, and their crusade is to improve the quality of life for men everywhere.

The DGR’s will continue to commit 80% of total funds raised to prostate cancer research, with the remainder to go towards men’s mental health programs.

Over 70,000 dapper Ladies and Gentlemen in over 600 cities worldwide will ride classic and vintage styled motorcycles on Sunday, 24th September to raise funds for the organisation.

“It’s an important year for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride”, says Mark.

“What was already a personal event for many has taken on a new meaning, especially after losing one of our own.”

“We ride this year for the men of the world who struggle with mental health and for the families and individuals whose lives are affected by prostate cancer.”

This year Mark is aiming to raise AUD$6.5M, and is encouraging fellow Australians to take a moment to consider the men in their lives.

Mark added, “The past 5 years have seen the DGR grow far more than I ever could have imagined, not only in its reach and the number of participants of the ride itself, but in people that have made that decision to get themselves checked.”

“Working with the Movember Foundation has allowed us to target key concerns in men’s health, helping us change the lives of men and helping them to live longer and happier.”

“None of this would be made possible if not for the support and unity of Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches.”

“The collective passion of all these brilliant organisations is the fuel to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, empowering all classic and custom motorcycle riders to bond together and put on the most dashing charity event this world has ever seen.”

To do your part, visit and sponsor a rider near you.

For more information visit the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride’s Facebook page or contact Stephen Broholm on 0411 142 725 or