May 19, 2024

Guy Martin To Attempt World’s Largest Wall Of Death

Guy Martin at the Wall of Death
Guy Martin will attempt a world record on the "Wall Of Death".

Colourful motorcycle racer and TV presenter Guy Martin is no stranger to taking risks.

He’s competed at the Isle of Man TT many times and was featured in the 2010 documentary on the race – TT3D: Closer to the Edge.

Guy was also chosen to pilot the Triumph Rocket Streamliner in a land speed record attempt last year, but the run was postponed because of injuries he received in a crash at the Ulster GP Superbike race in August.

His latest stunt is set to to be even wilder.

Guy will attempt a record breaking assault on the largest “Wall Of Death” ever built on March 28.

The “Wall Of Death” is a sideshow stunt where riders ride the vertical wall inside a barrel shaped cylinder that’s typically around 6 to 11 metres across.

It dates back to the 1920’s and in England the master of the “Wall” is Ken Fox. Ken has trained Guy to ride horizontally on the wall.

But in true Guy Martin style, this “Wall Of Death” is bigger than ever before at 120 ft (36m) diameter.

That means Guy will have to rider at a much faster speed – and the whole stunt is being televised LIVE!

The show will be aired live on Channel4 in the UK on Monday, March 28, at 7:15pm, but I’m sure we’ll hear how Guy goes!