May 21, 2024

Honda Gets New Sports Bikes Ready for 2017

Honda’s Plans for Two New 1000cc Sports Bikes.

Honda Motorcycles has plans for two new sports bikes to be released for 2017 – a heavily updated Honda CBR1000RR and a new model – the RVF1000 V4.

Assuming the plans go ahead the CBR1000RR will be based on the current model but given a massive makeover that would reportedly put it right in the midst of the super bike electronics battle.

The current Honda CBR1000RR is falling behind other manufacturers, namely Kawasaki and Yamaha.

The ever-popular Honda is especially trailing rivals in terms of electronic rider aids. The update would put many safety features into the CBR100RR that are currently in its competitor’s bikes, bringing the ageing CBR up to date.

There would be a boost to the bike’s performance as well, with updates to the airbox, fuel injection system and exhaust giving more power and a corresponding reduction in weight.

The plan for the model is to keep it as a road friendly machine, rather than turn it in to a track oriented motorcycle. But for those wanting a bit more performance there will be the RVF1000 V4.

The proposed Honda RVF1000 V4 will use technology from the highly priced RC213V-S MotoGP replica but will be priced more conservatively. That doesn’t mean cheap – it will still come at a premium price!

The RVF1000 V4 will reportedly be powered by the V4 engine from the RC213V-S but it will be given a more road going state of tune. Honda has already filed patents for a road going V4 engined bike back in October.

The frame is expected to be a cast aluminium monocoque unit rather than the hand built and ultra-expensive frame used in the RC213V-S, and features such as electronically adjustable suspension, high performance brakes, ABS and traction control are also expected.

The RVF1000 V4 will target the same market segment currently served by the Yamaha YZF-R1M, Aprilia’s RSV4 RF, and the Ducati Panigale R.

The big questions are IF and WHEN? It would be a shame to see Honda take too long to bring these two bikes, or at least the updated CBR1000RR, to market allowing the company’s competition to race away in the litre class sports bike market.

We’ll keep you updated.

Steve McDowall