May 22, 2024

Volkswagen will hold on to Ducati

Ducati future assured despite Volkswagen crisis.

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali has officially denounced suggestions that the company’s funding would dry up and that future development would be hindered in the flow on from the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Speaking for the first time about suggestions that Ducati could be sold to help fund the massive financial burden the crisis has created for the Volkswagen Group, Domenicali has said that Ducati is showing good profits and isn’t reliant on financial support and investment to continue.

There were concerns the Volkswagen emissions issue would see Ducati sold-off to raise funds.

Domenicali has reassured the motorcycling world that Ducati has a detailed plan for development for the next five years and recent events will not change that.

Whilst assuring the future of the brand, Ducati CEO hasn’t ruled out a possible sale at some point in the future.

Ducati was purchased under the Audi umbrella for around AUS$1.12 billion in 2012, and the Volkswagen Group would stand to make a decent profit if it were to sell the company.

Steve McDowall