May 21, 2024

Hornsby Council Adopts CRASH Card For Motorcyclists

CRASH Card Front
Hornsby Council is the first in Australia to adopt the CRASH card system for motorcyclists.

Hornsby Council in Sydney is the first in Australia to adopt the “CRASH Card” system for motorcyclists.

The motorcycle CRASH Card is a small card that motorcyclists and their passengers can carry in their helmets, and provides emergency service personnel with the rider’s personal and medical information in the event of a crash.

The rider completes the details on the card, places it in the lining of their helmet and then attaches a red sticker to the outside of the helmet to alert emergency services that the card is inside the helmet.

The sticker also warns bystanders not to remove a motorcyclist’s helmet. Incorrectly removing a helmet from an injured rider can increase the risk if further injury, especially to the rider’s neck.

The details the rider has written on the card can provide vital information for attending ambulance crews, and can potentially save valuable time in administering treatment especially if the rider is either unconscious or unable to communicate.

The simple yet effective program was developed in the UK by the committee of the Ambulance Motorcycle Club, a group of experienced Paramedics and ambulance staff who are passionate about motorcycling.

Creator of the CRASH card, Ian Burrell, said “We came up with the idea of storing the card in your helmet because it’s easy to get separated from your wallet and other belongings in the event of a crash.”

“It’s important to get the message across that the cards are designed to be used by medical professionals only – you should never try to remove someone’s helmet at the scene of a crash unless they are having trouble breathing.”

The card has been in use since March 2009 in some parts of England, and is also available in the United States, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Romania and Northern Ireland.

Hornsby Council governs an area northern outskirts of Sydney which is a popular destination for weekend motorcycle riders, and has introduced the “CRASH Cards” in response to an increase in injuries in the area.

Council hopes that by adopting the scheme, emergency crews can provide better treatment to patients faster, ultimately improving the outcomes for crashed riders.

If it saves just 1 life it’s worth it! 

The scheme has the support of NSW Ambulance, NSW Police Force and Fire & Rescue NSW.

More information about the CRASH card program, including how to order a card, is available at the Hornsby Council website.