May 21, 2024

Kawasaki Lands Z125 PRO In Australia

2017 Kawasaki Z125 PRO
Kawasaki has beaten Honda in landing a mini 125 in Australia - the Z125 PRO arrived this week.

Kawasaki has beaten Honda in delivering a mini 125cc bike to the Australian public, having released the 2017 Z125 PRO this week.

Honda still hasn’t committed to a definite arrival date for their competing Grom, only saying it is due mid-2016.

And Kawasaki has landed another punch by announcing the Z125 PRO is very competitively priced at $4,099 plus on roads.

Honda is currently running an introductory offer on the Grom with a ride-away price of $3,999, as long as the bike is delivered by 31st July, but have not released pricing for beyond that date.

Both bikes are are creating a new market in Australia, and as we have reported in the past, Honda and Kawasaki are set to go head to head in attracting buyers.

The bikes are small, punchy, heaps of fun to ride and will appeal to a young market.

They will also be ideal for around town commuting.

While they won’t be practical for long country trips, they will be able to cope with fun weekend rides.

The 2017 Kawasaki Z125 PROBoth bikes are considerably smaller than most motorcycles and have styling modelled on larger streetfighters.

Kawasaki’s Z125 PRO has a seat height of 805 mm, an overall length of only 1,700 mm and a kerb weight (ready to ride) of just 102 kg.

It has a single cylinder fuel injected 125cc engine, 4-speed manual transmission and electric start.

The suspension is 30mm inverted forks on the front and a single shock on the rear with preload adjustment.

The wheels are 12 inch and disc brakes are fitted both front and rear.

The Kawasaki Z125 is only available in Candy Lime Green.

As well as competing against each other, the Kawasaki Z125 PRO and Honda Grom will also offer a practical and more fun-filled option for potential scooter buyers.