April 24, 2024

Kawasaki Team Green Australia Track Event at Sydney Motorsport Park – 30th April 2018

Kawasaki Track Day Experience
The first Kawasaki Team Green Australia track event for 2018 is on at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Registrations are now open for the Kawasaki Team Green Australia Track Event at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 30th April 2018.

Kawasaki Team Green Australia (KTGA) track experiences are exclusive events that enable like-minded enthusiasts to experience the thrill of riding on a race track.

Kawasaki Motors Australia subsidise much of the cost for these events, meaning that attending is very affordable for KTGA members.

What do you need to ride at these events?

  • Sign up and become a KTGA member – the KTGA community is free and open for everyone to join. You can become a member at kawasaki.com.au/kawasaki-team-green-australia
  • A motorcycle – you will need to bring your own motorcycle along to this event or hire one from Champion’s Ride Days. The bike can be a Kawasaki or another brand. All bikes & equipment will be safety checked at the track during scrutineering.
  • Required riding equipment – a full leather suit (2 piece suit must zip together) with shoulder, elbow, back and knee protectors, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, full face helmet (standard compliant). Riding gear (including required leather suits) is available for hire from Champion’s Ride Days for $75 and can be selected during the online booking process.
  • Licence – a Motorcycling Australia (MA) licence is required but if you do not have a current MA Licence, you can purchase one for just $30 on the day.

Pick a group to match your skills & experience

The day is suitable for riders with all levels of experience, although it is recommended that you are comfortable and confident with your bike before attempting a day like this.

There are various riding level groups to choose from:

  • Novice (slower pace / new to track days): Never done a track day? Consider yourself a steady road rider? Getting back into bikes after some time off? Then this is the group for you. This group includes Kawasaki led sighting laps of the track to help build you into the day. Enjoy the freedom of track riding, without the pressure to ride faster than you feel comfortable.
  • 2 X Intermediate groups (medium & faster pace groups): You have done a few track days and are getting a bit quicker around the tracks. Looking to step up to the next pace group and grow your skills. There are a couple of choices when you book online for the Intermediate groups to ensure the correct fit for you – Intermediate slow and Intermediate fast.
  • Advanced (faster Pace / racer / experienced club track day rider): If you’re a very experienced and fast track rider, you know the track layout and/or race regularly, then this is the group for you.

You can move to a faster group or move to a lower speed group throughout the day if required.

Kawasaki Track Experience 2018-04-30

What does it cost and how do I book?

  • For riders bringing their own Kawasaki motorcycle the cost for the day is $150, and you can book here.
  • Riders bringing a non-Kawasaki (other brand motorcycle) will pay $200 and need to book here.

Kawasaki hire bikes – limited numbers!

At each track event KTGA members have the option of booking a session on a Ninja 300, Ninja ZX-6R or Ninja ZX-10R at a discounted rate – $50 instead of $99!

All liabilities and insurance is as per Champion’s standard hire agreement, i.e. the customer / KTGA member is responsible.

Click here to book a hire bike session.

Additional notes

  • Kawasaki Australia are your hosts for the day – the online bookings and the track officials are provided by Champion’s Ride Days.
  • Champion’s Ride Days will take your online booking and provide information leading up to the day.
  • All riders must be members of Kawasaki Team Green Australia.
  • Non-riding family & friends are welcome to come along for the day to watch for free.
  • Spaces are limited.