June 24, 2024

Possible Engine Issues For Honda CB300F And CBR300R

Honda CB300F and CBR300R
The Honda CB300F and CBR300R have been recalled due to a possible engine failure.

Honda has recalled a number of its very popular CB300F and CBR300R due to a potential problem that could result in a major engine failure.

In the recall notice posted through the ACCC recall website, Honda states that “due to incorrect Quality Control during the manufacturing process, the engine crankshaft bearings may fail and cause the engine to stop suddenly and be unable to be restarted.”

The recall notice also suggests, quite correctly, that if engine stops suddenly while riding it could result in a crash.

The Honda CB300F and CBR300R share the same single cylinder 300cc engine.

The single cylinder engine makes the bike narrower and many riders have found it more comfortable than some of the bike’s twin cylinder competition.

Affected VIN numbers are:

      • CB300F: MLHNC52U3F5100001 to MLHNC52U9G5200248
      • CBR300R: MLHNC51U5F5100003 to MLHNC51U7G5200699

Owners are being asked to take their motorcycle to their nearest Honda Dealer and arrange to have the motorcycle repaired as soon as possible.