May 19, 2024

Queensland Police Issue Road Safety Alerts

Police Motorcyclist
Queensland Police have issued a number of alerts to road users in recent days. (Photo credit: Courier Mail)

Queensland Police have released a media statement (15th December, 2016) urging motorcycle riders, and other road users, to take extra care on our roads as we come into the Christmas period.

The media statement comes after the deaths of 6 riders in Queensland in the past week.

Not surprisingly, it hasn’t been received well by some rider groups.

To add some balance to the situation, another media statement 3 days earlier (12th December, 2016) specifically urged drivers to take care on the roads as well!

rbtThere’s also a media release today (16th December, 2016) notifying of a crackdown on those driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Here’s the latest media statement relating to motorcyclists in full.

Police are urging motorcyclists to take extra care on Queensland roads following a tragic week of motorcycle fatalities.

Queensland has already recorded 59 motorcycle fatalities on its roads this year, including six fatalities in the past week.

Road Policing Command Inspector Peter Flanders said the shocking road toll for motorcyclists is now the highest it has been since 2012.

“The reality is motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury than drivers and passengers in any other motor vehicle on our roads,” Inspector Flanders said.

“With the increased traffic on our road networks in the lead up to Christmas, we are pleading with all road users, especially motorcyclists, to take extra care and remember the Fatal Five.

“Excess speed and loss of control are contributing factors in many traffic crashes involving motorcycles, so we really need riders to take responsibility and ride at speeds relative to the conditions.

“The faster you go on a motorbike, the more severe the impact of a traffic crash is.”

Inspector Flanders said as part of the Christmas Road Safety Campaign motorists can expect extra officers enforcing traffic rules across Queensland.

“Over the Christmas and school holiday period, police will be out in force targeting drivers putting themselves and other road users at risk by breaking the law,” he said.

“Officers will be conducting random alcohol and drug testing for drivers, undertaking both covert and overt speed enforcement strategies in high-risk zones while maintaining a highly visible presence throughout the campaign.”

Queensland’s current road toll is 238, five more fatalities than at the same time last year.

For more information about motorcycle safety visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website: