April 18, 2024

Rossi’s ‘betrayal’ by Marquez is going to play out this year

There have a few articles come out this week in the lead up the 2016 MotoGP telling us about Valentino Rossi’s troubles with a lack of respect from his Spanish rivals.

Full disclosure here, I have been a Rossi fan since he first came to world stage in 125’s however this game that is being played out at the moment is not the confident Rossi of old.

Who will Rossi blame?

He seems to be blaming the spaniards, Marq Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa, for his troubles last season which in my mind is a clear sign that the mind games are being played upon Rossi. Remember this is the man who had put his “hex” curse on Sete Gibernau that he would not win another race, and what do you know he didn’t. Vale has been the King of the psych in his whole career and what a sight it was to see him destroy a rival without even firing up an engine in anger.

We now come to the 2015 season and the shoe was on the other foot. However this time I don’t see one clear opponent whom is playing the game. It seems to be either the “Spanish mafia” at work, as some journalists have labelled them, or in my opinion it is Rossi thinking he has things sewn up and he begins to psych himself out of it.

Or maybe, just maybe, Vale was trying to play the games of yore and these young upstarts are wise the tricks.

Anyway, BRING ON QATAR is all I can say!!!