May 21, 2024

Victory Octane Claims World Record For The Longest Burnout

Still from World Record Burnout video

This one definitely falls into the “don’t try this at home” category.

Victory Stunt Team rider Joe Dryden now has a place in the Guinness World Records for the longest burnout.

Dryden managed to keep a burnout on a Victory Octane going for a distance of 2.23 miles (3.58km) at Orlando Speed World this week.

His Victory Stunt Team partner Tony Carbajal also made an attempt at the record, but Dryden landed on the ideal point of power delivery and rode the bike for a world record 7 smoky laps before the rear tyre finally gave out.

He left the bike on its side on the racetrack and walked away with his arms raised in triumph.

“That was not easy, but it was a lot easier on a Victory Octane than on most other bikes,” Joe said after claiming the record.

The new Victory Octane is the lightest, most powerful, and quickest Victory Motorcycle ever produced.

It has a race-bred 1200cc engine that delivers best in class acceleration and outstanding throttle response across the power band.