May 21, 2024

Does Triumph Have A New Street Triple Under Test?

Triumph Street Triple RX
Triumph is reportedly testing a new larger engined Street Triple in the UK.

Rumours are mounting that Triumph is testing a new Street Triple in the UK.

At least two stories have emerged over recent days showing spy shots of what is claimed to be the new bike undergoing track testing.

Suggestions that Triumph will increase the capacity of the 675cc engine in the Street Triple have been around since mid last year.

And although Triumph hasn’t officially announced anything, we do know the company sent a survey to potential buyers last year asking for their thoughts on a capacity “above 750cc” and referring to four distinct models.

The four models suggested in the survey included a base model with non-adjustable Kayaba suspension and an engine that produces 82kW, and an “R” version with 86kW and uprated Showa suspension.

There was also an “RT” touring model, and an “RS” that produces 93kW and has Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

Triumph would be making a good decision to shift the capacity of the Street Triple for a few of reasons.

There is already plenty of buyer interest in the 800cc capacity range, with Kawasaki, Yamaha and even MV Agusta having models in that segment.

The increase would also make it easier for Triumph to meet the tough Euro 4 emissions requirements without having to drop performance as well.

To meet those stringent regulations is likely to require major changes to the existing engine.

And a shift to an 800cc engine would help to differentiate the new model from the LAMS version we have in Australia.

With photos and stories coming out of Europe, the new bike seems to be more of a certainty than just a rumour.

The photos show the test machine having elements of both the current 675 Street Triple and the larger Speed Triple.

It reportedly has a more heavily braced double sided swingarm, which rules out that the photos are of a new Speed Triple since its swingarm is single sided.

There’s also no under seat exhaust like the Speed Triple.

Triumph would need the bike in production as soon as possible to ensure sales are maintained once the Euro 4 regulations are enforced from next year.