April 24, 2024

1961 Honda Super Cub Transformation

Deus Japan Transforms a 1961 Honda Super Cub.

Starting with a 1961 Honda Super Cub C105, Deus Japan has created an unusual yet visually stunning racer.

The new Firefly is the latest creation by Deus Japan’s Director of Motorcycle Operations, Matthew Roberts.

Roberts says, “It’s a modern interpretation of the raw functional beauty of small capacity GP and TT steeds of the 1950’s and ’60’s”.

The donor bike, the Honda Super Cub, has sold over 85 million units since it was first produced in 1958. Throughout its life span it has been powered by a four stroke single cylinder engine ranging in size from 49 to 109 cc.

It’s hardly the kind of machine anyone would imagine as a stylish racer, but provided a good framework for customisation.

The modified frame and epoxy composite monocoque body is of Roberts’ own design and construction, and give the Firefly a striking silhouette.

The body is 105mm at its widest point, and runs uninterrupted from headlight to tail except for the tiny seat (if you call it that!). The original C105 speedometer sits on top of the small fuel tank.

The front suspension looks like it has been taken straight from the original bike and also helps to maintain the link with the racer’s heritage. The suspension has, however, been uprated with an external front fork rebound unit and fully adjustable alloy race shocks.

The fifty-year-old engine has also had some redevelopment, with its capacity increased from 49 to 60cc and as much power as possible extracted from the tiny unit.

Every nut, bolt, bearing and bush, from engine components to front suspension internals, have been re-engineered, redesigned or improved from decades old factory blue prints.

And believe it or not, the Super Cub is a very popular race bike …. in Japan.