May 19, 2024

Music for Motorcyclists Option

Headwave TĀG creates concert quality sound in your helmet.

For those riders who like to enjoy music while they ride, there’s always been some options, though there’s never really been a solution that is reliable, fuss-free and produces really good results.

There’s the old wired earphones with all of its accompanying hassles – the earpieces get caught on the helmet as you put it on, the discomfort as they press into your ears inside the helmet and of course the danger of getting that wire caught on something as you ride.

The most commonly used solution is the Bluetooth headset. It offers a wireless solution to a point, but relies on fitting speakers inside your helmet and running wires back to a central receiver. Of course, these units normally have a microphone for phone calls as well and very poor sound quality.

But I came across another system this week called the Headwave TĀG.

The Headwave is a unit that mounts on the outside of the helmet and connects to a music device by Bluetooth. It is a totally wireless setup.

It transfers sound into the helmet by transduction creating an immersive sound experience, something Headwave calls “environmental listening.”

Because it works on vibration it also creates powerful bass tones so you feel, rather than just hear, the music.

Founder Sophie Willborn says TĀG is the only system designed purely for music and describes the experience as like being at your own private concert.

“TĀG creates immersive acoustics within your helmet – this is why we call it a “Concert Capsule”, she said at the product’s recent launch. “You are surrounded by sound and really feel the music as a complete sensation.”

TĀG is the result of over two years of research and development, and was inspired by Sophie’s desire to listen to music while riding and her disappointment with the sound quality of current systems.

The unit is about 12 x 6 cm in its largest area, and extends just over 2 cm from the helmet surface. It attaches with removable high-performance adhesive that will not damage the helmet.

The Headwave TĀG is available online for EUR 299 with free worldwide shipping and handling.