May 19, 2024

Dream Racer | Television Adds SHEER WILL To Film Collection

Sheer Will
"Sheer Will" is being added to the collection of films at Dream Racer | Television

Dream Racer | Television has announced another film is being added to the platform – SHEER WILL.

After motorcycles and boxing, Dream Racer | Television is now moving into mountaineering.

Sheer Will is an older film that never really got the chance to be seen by audiences outside of Australia.

It is the story of Michael Groom, a mountaineer that set himself the goal of climbing the five tallest mountains without oxygen support, a feat that only a few have been able to achieve.

On the second attempt, he suffered frost bite to both of his feet, resulting in an amputation of all of his toes.

Michael spent several years recovering and re-learning how to walk. He then went back to his goal to climbing the five tallest summits in the world including Everest.

Michael has been close to tragedy many times, including the disastrous 1996 Everest attempt in which, of those who summitted, only he and one other survived – nine others perished.

Although filmed in an older style footage, the story is amazing, and the will to continue despite all odds is inspiring.

Christophe Barriere-Varju says “Sheer Will fits perfectly to the types of film we are wanting to add to Dream Racer Television – stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things and inspiring others to achieve their own dreams.”

“We are now working on the marketing, automation and various viral campaigns and Sheer Will will be launched Saturday 25th February on Dream Racer Television.”

Make sure to watch this film produced by Angela Faria and Colin Oddy.

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