May 21, 2024

Ducati Not For Sale In New Volkswagen Strategy

Ducati Tank
Ducati is not being sold to help Volkswagen recover from the emissions cheating scandal.

Ducati is definitely not for sale.

That was the word from Chairman of the Board of Management at Audi, Rupert Stadler, even before the official announcement from the Volkswagen Group this week.

Ducati logoDucati was acquired by Volkswagen Group back in 2012, using Audi as the main link between the parent company and the Italian bike manufacturer.

But there has been plenty of speculation over the future of the Italian manufacturer in the wake of Volkswagen’s damaging emissions-cheating scandal.

Some reports had suggested that along with MAN, Scania and even Lamborghini, the brand could be sold off as part of a VW Group restructure to move the company forward after the scandal.

News agency Bloomberg had confirmed that VW Chief Executive Officer Matthias Müller was reviewing all of Volkswagen’s 12 brands.

But in a very complicated announcement of the strategy today, VW CEO Matthias Müller talks about transforming its core automotive business and stepping up electric-vehicle development, rapidly establishing a new mobility solutions business, and significantly increasing efficiency by consolidating its multiple components manufacturing divisions.

And there was no mention about any division, including Ducati, being sold.

That means it’s business as usual for Ducati, and finally puts an end to the doubts around the brand’s future.