May 19, 2024

Harley-Davidson Poised To Buy Ducati?

Harley-Davidson and Ducati logos
Rumours are rife that Harley-Davidson is looking at buying Ducati!

Is Harley-Davidson about to buy Ducati?

There are murmurings on the grapevine that Harley-Davidson is reportedly looking to purchase Italian brand Ducati.

The rumours have stemmed from a Reuters report which also hinted that Goldman Sachs has been hired to negotiate the deal which could be worth in excess of €1.5b ($2.2b).

Parent company Volkswagen/Audi purchased Ducati in 2012 and may be looking to offload it to help pay off their fines incurred in the Dieselgate scandal.

The sale of Ducati was suggested as far back as December 2015 as a possible solution to Volkswagen’s problems, but Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali has officially denounced the rumours.

Other interested parties include several companies from China and India as well as Royal Enfield.

Harley-Davidson provided no comment on the issue.

Stay tuned for more updates.