July 24, 2024

Victory Motorcycles Shows Combustion Concept

Victory Unveil “Combustion” Concept Cruiser.

Over the last few months Victory Motorcycles has been teasing us with a series of concept bikes, all based around a new 1,200cc V-Twin engine that will go into new models from next year.

First up was the “Project 156”, a hand built prototype sports bike built in association with Roland Sands Design.

Victory raced the bike at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb back in June, and it’s name actually refers to the number of turns on the famous course.

Next came the “Ignition Concept”, a stunning looking cross between a cruiser and a drag bike crafted by Swiss designer Urs Erbacher. This concept surfaced in Milan a few weeks ago.

Taking a pre-production version of the 1200cc engine, Urs wrapped the engine in a cast frame, added inverted forks up the front, Brembo brakes, red 17 inch aluminium wheels front and rear and an Akropvic muffler at the end of a 2 into 1 exhaust system.

While managing to keep most of the engine details secret apart from its capacity, Victory did let it be known that it’s a 60 degree four valve double overhead cam design.

Now Victory has unveiled “Combustion”, the third and final concept built on the new engine platform and designed by famed customiser Zach Ness.

Zach is the third generation in the business, behind grandfather Arlen and father Cory who established a relationship with Victory when Zach was only twelve.

He created Combustion as an answer to what an American muscle bike could be. He says that legendary American muscle cars with high horse power and low weight were his inspiration.

Technical details, especially of the engine, are still hard to come by, but this concept is more in line with traditional American cruisers than the previous Ignition concept.

It has bigger 18 inch spoked wheels, a longer tail section and taller handlebars.

There’s a more conservative and traditional approach to the suspension too, going back to twin shocks on the rear and conventional rather than inverted forks on the front.

There’s also a single disk on the front rather than the twin Brembo systems on the Ignition concept.

Talking about the concept Zach Ness has said that “This platform is awesome – loads of power, and an insane engine sound too. The inspiration for the bike came fully from the throttle. I wanted to create a bike that was fast, light and ready to attack the next green light.”

Similar feedback has been given by the few people who have been fortunate enough to ride the concepts, and Victory themselves have described the engine as its highest output engine ever.

No further details have been released and probably won’t be, and the next time we hear of the engine will probably be in a new production model.

Steve McDowall