May 19, 2024

VOZZ Developing Adventure and Motocross Helmets, Launches Equity Funding

VOZZ RS 1.0 Blue
VOZZ Helmets has announced it is developing a motocross helmet and is raising equity funding to speed up the process.

You can now be a part of the greatest change in helmets we have EVER seen!

VOZZ Helmets, the Australian helmet manufacturer that has created the revolutionary strapless helmet for the road, is now working on full-face adventure and motocross helmets incorporating the Voztec System.

The company has also launched an equity crowdfunding campaign in Australia and New Zealand through Equitise to accelerate the Moto X Helmet Project and the global rollout of its RS 1.0 road helmet.

  • Stocks of revolutionary VOZZ road helmet due to arrive in Australia
  • Company now developing motocross helmet with Voztec system
  • Opportunity created to invest in company

The VOZZ Helmet is different to traditional helmet design – it is a full face rear access dual locking helmet and has no chinstrap.

The helmet has an emergency safety release system and fully adjustable chin-cup that replaces the old-fashioned chinstrap.

Both these features significantly improve the safety of the helmet by allowing medical personnel access in case of an accident, avoiding strap creep as well as allowing the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled producing a helmet with fewer snag points.

VOZZ is now seeking to raise a minimum of $537.5k NZD in Australia and New Zealand through the Equitise Platform.

Funds raised will be used to engage and appoint dealers globally in the remaining markets, initiate key marketing activities and commence tooling for the second helmet in the range – a full-face Moto X helmet incorporating the Voztec System.

Vozz RS 1.0 openExecutive Chairman, Dr John Saxon, said; “The VOZZ Helmet is an ambitious and brave attack on an industry that has lain dormant for years. Our patented technology has allowed us to produce a safer and more comfortable helmet as well as a helmet that is frankly, more convenient to use.”

“We see equity crowdfunding as a fantastic opportunity for like-minded people to become part of our journey and to accelerate our product range across the industry.”

Equitise Co-Founder & Managing Director, Jonny Wilkinson believes VOZZ is a fantastic opportunity.

He says “We are always excited by new developments that look to change an industry. We admire the company and their mission to improve safety.”

“Equity crowdfunding presents a great opportunity for passionate motorcyclists and other sporting enthusiasts to get behind a great company and become shareholders.”

Stocks of the updated RS 1.0 road helmet are due to arrive in Australia and sales will commence through the VOZZ dealer network between September and November in all regions.

A list of current Australian dealers is available on the VOZZ website.

It’s time for us to throw our support behind a great and innovative Australian company that is changing the way we’ll all wear helmets in the future.