May 21, 2024

VOZZ Helmets Appoints First International Distributor

Vozz RS 1.0 helmet
VOZZ Helmets has appointed it's first international distributor.

VOZZ Helmets has announced the appointment of its first international distributor as the company continues to set up its distribution network.

VOZZ Canada is based in Toronto and will provide sales and after sales service to a limited number of motorcycle dealerships across Canada.

Managing Director, Mark Bryant, says the company will continue to announce the appointment of dealers across the globe in the coming weeks in preparation for stock arriving in late 2016.

Vozz-RS-1.0The innovative Australian designed helmet eliminates the chin strap, and instead opens from the back, goes on over the head, closes around the head and locks in place.

The helmet is certified to AS/NZS 1698, DOT and ECE22.05 helmet standards.

After an initial shipment of helmets was brought into the country earlier in the year, the design has been updated based on further testing and customer feedback.

The updates have given the helmet a more luxurious inner lining, improves seals and reduced wind noise.

The company is expecting to appoint around 10 – 15 specialised dealers on the east coast of Australia by September, and to have the whole country covered by December.

It will also continue to expand into overseas markets.