April 24, 2024

Barry Sheene’s Championship Winning Bikes On Display

Barry Sheene Championship Winning RG500s
Barry Sheene's 1976 and 1977 championship winning RG500s have been shipped to the UK for anniversary celebrations.

Barry Sheene’s 1976 and 1977 world championship-winning race bikes have been shipped to the UK as part of celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Barry’s first world title.

The Suzukis will feature at a number of events in the UK, starting with the Barry Sheene Festival at Oliver’s Mount next month.

The bikes had been stored on the Gold Coast, Barry’s home before he passed away in March 2003.

Charismatic, out-spoken and highly skilled as a rider, Barry is arguably Britain’s greatest world champion. He is also credited with boosting the appeal of motorcycle racing to the general public.

He moved to Australia in the late 80’s and was well known for his role as a motorsports commentator.

He also had a passion for historic racing, and the event at Oliver’s Mount is one of a number of events now run in his name.

The Oliver’s Mount road race circuit is England’s only natural “road” race track situated just outside Scarborough’s town centre.

The racing has been likened to a miniature “TT”.

Suzuki Great Britain has taken the opportunity to celebrate the special anniversary of Barry’s titles by displaying the bikes together for the first time at such an event in the UK.

Suzuki will also have two other special bikes on display – an original GSX-R750F that was restored at the Motorcycle Live event in the UK last year and a TL1000S that was built from brand new parts available through Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme the year before.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on a movie documenting the life of Barry Sheene.